Pete has entertained audiences around the country for over fifteen years.  Here are just some of the reviews!

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I am writing to thank you for your high-quality presentation "Imagine". From start to finish, I had the distinct impression that you were very professional in your dealings, manner, and treatment of the topic and of your audience and participants.

Everything went very smoothly, thanks to you. Not only was the program enjoyable, but the whole tone was very upbeat and not denigrating to anyone. The atmosphere of Carnival (school spirit) Week was enhanced by the assembly program. I hope that we will have another opportunity to invite you to our school sometime in the not too distant future.

Sandy T., Assembly Coordinator

I have had the opportunity to review (Mr. Mamos's) work on three different occasions. He performs delightfully to all ages from six to sixty. I was particularly fascinated with his hypnosis program he presented to a full auditorium.

The audiences react to his voice and mannerisms with total attention and intrigue and his entertainment presentations are professional and non-hesitant.

Having seen Pete perform at different levels, including myself as an audience participant, made it extremely easy for me to recommend him as our entertainment for our Christmas Gathering. Pete is a no-nonsense type of person who was punctual and he gave an excellent performance for us and delighted us with a sense of humor.

Debra J., PaineWebber Inc.

Pete, your Comedy Hypnotism show on the Triumph was absolutely wonderful!!! One of the volunteers was my 81 year old family member. She was hilarious and thinks we are making up what went on! She says the last thing she remembers is focusing on a spot at the back of the showroom. So we were all thoroughly entertained (the high point of the trip...).

Keep entertaining folks with your excellent show...May your expertise bring you much success and your audiences much pleasure!

Carnival Cruise Lines Guest

Peter Mamos is a superb entertainer. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Peter Mamos is a superb entertainer.

Several months ago, Peter agreed to offer his hypnosis program to the Junior class as a fund raiser. Ever disinclined to be hypnotized personally and dubious about hypnosis, I voluntarily 'chaperoned' this event. His show was fascinating. I left a 'convert'.

Peter, professionally accredited to hypnotize others, did so in a fashion what was entertaining, tasteful, careful, controlled and hilarious. His subtle wit, his supple humor, his stage presence and his ability to engage his audience combined to provide an outstanding evening's entertainment.

Make no mistake, Peter Mamos is a superb entertainer.

Michael G., Assistant Principal

It is my pleasure to recommend your "Imagine" hypnosis show to other school districts. As a principal of the high school, I was initially concerned about the potential for trouble when I learned that students would be hypnotized at our Project Graduation party that was hosted by parents. My concern turned to delight when the program began.

Students, faculty, and parents alike were treated to an hour of uninterrupted fun in which no one was embarrassed and everyone shared in the laughter. It was the unanimous opinion of all parents that you should return to entertain future graduates. Everyone needs to find time to laugh as a community.

Susan G., Principal

We saw your show while cruising last week and it was AWESOME!!...We were laughing our butts off. Thanks for a great added to our wonderful vacation!

Carnival Cruise Lines Guest

On behalf of our Board of Directors, I would like to thank you for the excellent show you provided for our annual convention. You did a wonderful job entertaining and amusing all ages. From the littlest children through the adults, everyone really enjoyed your performance.

We would be happy to recommend you to any group looking for quality entertainment for their event.

Thank you again for your wonderful presentation.

Cathy J., Conference Organizer

I saw the show on a Carnival cruise ship a couple months ago. Highlight of the trip!! Great show! Really enjoyed it. Thanks so much! I was most impressed by the way you combine hypnosis with showmanship. Most people are lucky to be able to master just one!

Carnival Cruise Lines Guest